We Share Industry Experience

UX Club is an online learning platform, you can learn various career courses including web design, user interface design, and user experience. We started in 2018, to share our 12 years of industry experience, now you can learn online from home.

Thanks to SDMGA Program, for bringing us together

From training to the job we are friends

Course 1

1) Learn at your home

Learn in your own home, save time, and easily become skilled

Course 1

2) Join with industry expert

Get professional guidance by connecting with experienced mentor

Course 1

3) Become a professional

Currently, our students are employed in various local companies

Meet the Operational Team

Course 1

Arif Hossain Mahmud

Founder & Instructor

Course 1

Akhtaruzzaman Akhond

Advisory Director

Course 1

Samia Mostafa

Course Coordinator